mozilla 1.1

Hari ini update mozilla ke versi 1.1 🙂 Banyak yang baru, diantaranya:
# Browser tabs now close left to right (they used to close right to left).
# The tab bar now has a button for creating new tabs.
# All Search entry points now use your default search engine.
# Download Manager has been enabled as the default download view (with many improvements)
# Autocomplete in the location bar has more intelligent completion.
# File extensions more accurately handled in downloads and we save the correct files when saving complete Web pages
# Drag and drop support has been greatly improved.
# View selection source: Context clicking on a selection now lets you view the HTML source for the selected area.
# Page info displays more page info with improved General and Media tab content.
# New button in prefs for making Mozilla the system default browser on MS Windows

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