ngelelang domain di

Ada yg. udah pernah coba? Katanya si Zain di sini, ada beberapa langkah yg. mesti diperhatikan:

  1. Get Registered
    To sell anything on eBay, registration is required. Registration is free, but there is a small fee to list items for sale. Buying is free, and can begin right away — and there are no eBay fees to buy, only to sell.
  2. Do your Homework
    After you’ve registered successfully, do a little research to find out where domains should be placed for sale. eBay has dozens of categories, and one is of course the Domain Names directory: .com Domain Listings, while the other is the Businesses for sale–> Websites section (if the domain being sold points to a developed site): Businesses for sale —-> Web sites.
  3. Choose your Listing Type
    Featured Listing, Premium Listing, dan Homepage Featured.
  4. Decide on the Auction Duration
    The next choice you’ll need to make is the auction duration. As of now, 3, 5, and 7 days are free, while 10 days is not. I always use 7 day auctions, and so do most other sellers.
  5. Get an Appraisal
    Appraisal is an important factor in buying and selling a domain name. Whether the domain is a word in the dictionary, or has been made up, consider having a domain appraised by an appraisal authority.

Sisanya, kalo tertarik, baca sendiri. Kalo ada yg. sukses ngelelang domain di sono, cerita-cerita ya 🙂 Btw, ini bukan iklan soal ebay lho…;P

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