Top Ten Guidelines for Homepage Usability ala Jakob ;P

Dia bilang:

  1. Include a One-Sentence Tagline
  2. Write a Window Title with Good Visibility in Search Engines and Bookmark Lists
  3. Group all Corporate Information in One Distinct Area
  4. Emphasize the Site’s Top High-Priority Tasks
  5. Include a Search Input Box
  6. Show Examples of Real Site Content
  7. Begin Link Names with the Most Important Keyword
  8. Offer Easy Access to Recent Homepage Features
  9. Don’t Over-Format Critical Content, Such as Navigation Areas
  10. Use Meaningful Graphics
    Don’t just decorate the page with stock art. Images are powerful communicators when they show items of interest to users, but will backfire if they seem frivolous or irrelevant. For example, it’s almost always best to show photos of real people actually connected to the topic, rather than pictures of models.

Ujung-ujungnya dia mempromosikan bukunya, Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed ;P Ada yang mau beliin? 🙂

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