Apa Komentar Simon Cowell?

Pernah tau tentang Simon Cowell? Itu lho si juri dalam acara American Idol yang komentarnya paling ‘ditunggu’ (karena seringkali pedesnya gak kira-kira ;)) oleh para peserta dan penonton. Pengen tahu gak apa komentarnya terhadap artis yang ‘sudah jadi’? Tentunya ‘khas’ seorang Simon Cowell…Baca deh! 😉

  • Mariah Carey’s comeback: “Was there one? I’m not sure if anyone cares anymore. If you’re going to come back, it has to be with an awesome record, like Kylie Minogue’s.”
  • Kelly Osbourne: “I don’t think she can sing.”
  • Michael Jackson: “How the mighty fall. It really is the final straw for this guy. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, he holds his baby out of a window. It’s actually quite unbelievable. I suppose he’ll blame Sony for that, as well.”
  • Whitney Houston: “If she was a friend of mine and she ever asked me for advice — which is hard to imagine — I’d say, ‘Dump the husband!'”
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